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School Uniform

We are very proud of our school uniform and we believe that to wear school uniform has a positive effect on improving children's attitudes in the classroom and also to general school behaviour.  We like to create a sense of common purpose and identity in the school. We deliberately make our uniform very accessible – it can be purchased cheaply from local supermarkets and, although logoed items are available through our website, these are not a requirement. 


Our school colour is red.  Cardigans, sweatshirts and t-shirts with the school logo are available for purchase from NK Sports. Local supermarkets also sell the correct colour cardigans and sweatshirts.


Our school uniform is:




  • Grey/black trousers
  • Red jumper or sweatshirt
  • White polo shirt/shirt or light blue polo shirt/shirt
  • For summer, either black or grey shorts with white polo shirt.




  • Black/Grey skirt or pinafore dress or black/grey trousers
  • Red cardigan or Red sweatshirt
  • White polo shirt/blouse or light blue polo shirt/blouse
  • For summer, either red and white check dress or black/grey skirt with white polo shirt.


Hair accessories

All hair longer than shoulder length should be tied up.  Hair accessories should be practical, in school colours and of a sensible size.



Children may wear a wrist watch (no smart watches please). Children with pierced ears can wear plain stud earrings. For health and safety reasons, all jewellery will need to be removed for PE. If it is not possible to remove earrings, they should be taped over. No other jewellery is permitted, including charity bands and friendship bracelets.



Protection from the sun is an important aspect of school summer clothing and the Health Authority clearly warns parents that exposed skin during the summer period can lead to serious skin disorders.


All Pupils


For PE

  • black or grey shorts
  • a white T-shirt
  • one pair of plimsolls (daps)/trainers
  • a bag for PE kit


It is a compulsory element of Health Education that all pupils should have a change of clothing for PE with suitable footwear. However, due to COVID restrictions, we continue to ask that children come to school wearing their PE kit on their allocated PE days


As well as sweatshirts, cardigans and fleeces with the school logo, book bags can be purchased from NK Sports.


Please ensure that all clothing is clearly marked with your child's name.

Should you find that you need help or assistance with uniform, please contact the school office on or 01934 822867 or visit Hope Uniform Exchange.  Hope Uniform Exchange is a scheme in Weston-Super-Mare aimed at providing school uniforms and P.E kits to families, and a uniform exchange for all parents to be able to swap pre-loved clothes their children have grown out of.