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Our Intent 


At Locking Primary School, we understand that reading skills underpin all aspects of learning and open the door to many possibilities and opportunities. Our aim is to support all children to become fluent and confident readers who value the importance of reading for purpose and for pleasure and understand the role it plays in their learning. Through access to quality texts and a range of stimulating and engaging reading opportunities, children broaden their understanding of the world, shape their thoughts and opinions and develop a broad and rich vocabulary. 


Using a range of teaching approaches, we teach word reading and language comprehension skills in a systematic and progressive manner, providing frequent opportunities for the modelling of reading habits and the practice and application of newly acquired knowledge. We support children to become independent learners and critical thinkers who possess a range of reading strategies skills to thrive and succeed. Our reading curriculum is accessible to all our learners. However, children who require reading provision that is additional and different are quickly identified and tailored support is put in place.  


We believe that all children have the right to develop a passion for reading, to access quality texts and to experience the joys that a love of literature brings. To this end, children are immersed in books, stories, poems and rhymes and are given the opportunity to talk about texts in a social context, enhancing their reading experience and deepening their reading comprehension.  


Our goal is for children to leave primary school at the end of year 6 armed with all the reading skills that they will need to continue a successful and enriching learning journey at secondary school and in adulthood.