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What happens if my child is late for school?

A          Occasionally a lateness can not be avoided. In this circumstance, you need to bring your child to the schools office to be signed in and lunch arrangements made. Your child will be escorted to class by one of the office team


Q         Help, my appointment ran over and I am going to be late collecting my child. What do I do?

A          There are times when parents are late collecting their child from school, if this is going to happen we ask that school is informed and the expected delay is given. If a child is not collected and no reason is given they will go to after school club and be charged in accordance with their charging policy.

           If a child is still not collected, Children’s Social Care will be contacted.


Q         Can I send someone else to pick up my child?

A          If you need to send someone else to pick up your child, please speak to the class teacher in the morning or leave a message with the school office. Each child has a data overview sheet with people who are allowed to collect them.


Q         How will I know if the school has been unexpectedly closed?

A          We will text you, put a message on our website and on our Facebook page. Please make sure we have your current mobile number in the office.


Q         Am I able to contact my child’s teacher? How do I do this?

A          Things you may want to contact the class teacher about include homework, changes at home that may affect learning and behaviour. You can contact the teacher by speaking to them at drop off or collection, or emailing the school office and requesting a callback. 


Q         What do I do if we have lost property?

A          Label clothes first and foremost. Go to the veranda outside Y3/4- there is a green bin with all lost property. 


Q         Will my child receive homework?

A          Yes. We ask that all children read, or are read to, a minimum of 5 times a week. 


Q         What happens if my child gets ill at school?

A          Your child will be taken to the office where they will be cared for whilst we contact you. We provide sick buckets but we can only administer medication if prior permission has been granted in writing and under the instructions of the GP. If your child was in difficulty or had had an accident then there are instances when an ambulance will be called.


Q         Can I park at school?

A          We encourage walking to school if you are able. Parent cars are not allowed in the school car park without authorisation. This is to keep you and your child safe.


Q         Can my child cycle to school?

A          Yes. We have bike racks on site. We invite children to sign up for Bikeability in school.