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Report an issue

We encourage children to tell an adult at school if there is anything that has or is worrying them online.  Children can speak to any trusted adult in school.  The adult will listen to their worries, give them advice and reassurance.  Where appropriate, they will contact parents and pass the concern on to a senior leader so that it can be fully investigated.


Alternatively, you can report anything that is worrying you online by following the link and completing the form: or emailing the


Helping everyone report harmful content online


If you have experienced or witnessed harm online, ‘Report Harmful Content’ can help you to report harmful content online by providing up-to-date information on community standards and direct links to the correct reporting facilities across multiple platforms.


There are eight harms which you can report on: threats, impersonation, bullying/harassment, self-harm/suicide content, online abuse, violent content, unwanted sexual advances and pornographic content. Read more in detail:


For under 18’s, there is a child-friendly advice page. Please go to:

The platforms that you can report on include: