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Extend Learning Academies Network

We are part of the Extend Learning Academies Network (ELAN) which was formed in 2017.


The ELAN believe there is no limit to what our pupils, teachers and communities will achieve.


Working together and with our partners we will deliver a World Class offer that:


  •          Enables all to achieve excellence.
  •          Has high expectations of and for all.
  •          Delivers outstanding progress and high attainment.
  •          Extends aspiration, opportunity and outlook.
  •          Provides a wide range of experiences that foster enjoyment and prepares life-long learners for the modern world.
  •          Grows and nurtures high quality committed professionals and future leaders.
  •          Leads learning through research and innovation.
  •          Works with communities to provide schools designed to respond to their need.
  •          Is honest, equitable and transparent.
  •          Is nationally recognised for its work, innovation and success.


Our work as a trusted family of schools is underpinned by the following principles:


  •          Welcoming and supportive.
  •          Collaborative and cooperative.
  •          Outward looking and working with others to support pupils.
  •          Quality first teaching that ensures continuity throughout a pupil’s learning journey.
  •          Broad, balanced and enriched curriculum that is designed to promote interest, enjoyment and provide new life experiences and widen outlook.
  •          Inclusive practice that meets the needs of all groups.
  •          Fosters a culture of respect.
  •          Leading excellence in teaching and learning.
  •          Collective intelligence and experience that informs all.
  •          A commitment to research and development.
  •          An obligation to continuous development and progression for all that extends capacity and sustainability.
  •          A culture of support, challenge and growth mind-set.


Registered address: Extend Learning Academies Network, School House, Selworthy Road, Weston-super-Mare BS23 3ST. A charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England and Wales (Company number: 10896504)