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Personal Best


By following instructions, I persevere on a challenge to be the best I can be.


I know why a personal best is important and challenge myself to achieve it.


I challenge my personal best every time and can link it to other areas of PE and school life


I can begin to identify specific ways to improve in every challenge I face by thinking in greater depth about my skills and performance.



I know what is needed to improve my personal best in every activity I participate in and always think it through. With this, I independently show a positive attitude to achieve my goals.

I can create activities that challenge mine and others personal best and problem solve with independence. I can now help others to achieve their personal best.

Working with and against others


I can work fairly with others and use my voice to help them improve

I can work fairly with others and explain strengths and weaknesses of a skill, giving tips to improve





Communicating and collaborating with others in attack v defence





I can use communication skills to help others know where they are going when making both defensive and offensive plays.

I can play 3vs1 and 4vs1 and know how to use the space and help each other. I can plan ideas and tactics in a team across different invasion games.

I can show understanding of how to defend and attack in a game situation. I can demonstrate precision, control and fluency using tactics and a range of effective communication

I know how to support other players in attack and defence to gain a tactical advantage, including constructive and evaluative on the spot feedback.


Participating in team games


I can play simple team games by understanding the rules I can effectively use the skills taught within simple team games

I can begin to vary skills and show some understanding of simple tactics for attacking and defending







Healthy lifestyles




I know what a healthy, balanced diet looks like and know that I need to aim to eat 5 a day fruit and vegetables and exercise for 60 mins a day (30 in school, 30 out of school).


- I understand the importance of a healthy balanced diet and also the positive effects of exercise on your body. I can begin to identify changes I can make to make my lifestyle a healthier one

I have a secure understanding of the importance of a balanced diet and the importance of exercise for a healthy body. I am beginning to make independent choices regarding my diet and how often I exercise.

I fully understand the importance of a balanced diet and exercise for a healthy lifestyle. I make independent choices about what I eat and how often I exercise and can help others with recommendations too.

Gym & Dance. (KS1, Dance using simple movement patterns)

I can begin to explore different actions and movements.

I use different actions and movements to link simple patterns together.

I can begin to take part in linking actions and movements together by exploring different moves with a partner or small group. This includes a range of shapes, rolls or patterns, as well as developing flexibility, strength and technique.

I can create a routine with a partner including multiple elements of rolls, shapes and patterns. I can begin to link the movements together. I show presentation at the start and end of my routine/moves.

I can create a routine independently or within a group which includes a range of elements/moves (rolls, jumps, patterns, shapes) of different levels. My elements are linked together into a sequence. I can remember and perform my routine as part of a small group. (up to 7 movements)

I can create a routine independently or within a group including a range of elements/moves at different levels (rolls, jumps, shapes, patterns, movements) which are linked together. I also show creativity, disguise and expression when performing. I can remember and perform a routine (up to 9 movements)

Mastering basic movements



I understand the importance of being active and the consequence of activity on my body.

I can describe the changes of my body when I exercise and know how to use equipment when running, jumping, throwing and catching.






Evaluating and recognising success and improvements





I can listen to others and learn from them about how to improve. I can tell others what I am doing well in a task

I can contribute ideas and tactics to make myself and others more successful

I can make suggestions on how to improve myself and others by describing performances accurately


I can give a detailed description of what I can do well, and what I need to do to improve and explain how this will benefit me in Y7.

Character building – Values of fairness and respect


- Start to understand others points of view and show fairness and respect by taking turns, sharing and showing manners. Start to recognise basic emotions in themselves and why these happen



Begin to recognise emotions in others and understand that relationships can be challenging at times. Start to understand the difference between fair and unfair. Show respect for others by helping, praising and encouraging others.

Offer solutions when there are disagreements among friends and peers. Show patience, support others, listen and discuss ideas. Realise that there are winners and losers with some activities and begin to understand their emotions in relation to this.

Start to accept winning and losing and show that they can be gracious in defeat. Begin to show tolerance of others needs and emotions. Give and receive feedback to improve self and others, negotiate and collaborate, motivate others to perform better.

Co-operate well with others and show tolerance of different abilities and points of view. Give and receive feedback without feeling threatened showing respect for others feelings. Show fairness and empathy to all children within an activity by taking turns, listening and giving support.

Show self-respect and respect of others by demonstrating patience and tolerance. Be gracious and compassionate to others in success and defeat and be able to understand that we can grow and improve from challenging situations.