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Locking Primary School Design and Technology Rationale

The design and technology Curriculum

Our Vision

Our vision at Locking, through the teaching of Design and Technology is to create knowledgeable, curious and confident children who have the enthusiasm to create for a purpose. We want them to experiment, reflect and improve their own work. We want to develop children’s ability to rise to a challenge which will lead to lifelong learning.  We will develop their practical skill, awareness of health and safety, knowledge of food hygiene, problems solving skills and an awareness of technology in the wider world.


The design and technology curriculum at Locking Primary School will:

  • Be based around the national requirements and provide a sequential structure
  • be carefully planned, with skills being built on unit after unit and year after year.
  • Introduce children to designers and inventors to help them understand that people are at the heart of the design process
  • Provide children with the opportunity to work through the design process of design, make and evaluate
  • Provide children with the opportunity to work with food at least once a year

Design and technology teaching at Locking Primary School will:

  • Be taught as 3 units per year spread over 6 terms
  • Each unit will build on prior knowledge and skills
  • be creative, engaging and practical where possible
  • be hands on
  • Use questioning to prompt thinking and a deeper understanding.
  • Where possible, show children how products work in the real world
  • Use the Plan Bee Design and Technology units to support teacher subject knowledge and the progression of design and technology from year to year. These lessons have been carefully checked and edited or added to, making sure all elements of the design and technology curriculum are covered over the time children are in Locking Primary

Assessment of design and technology at Locking Primary School will:

  • be formative, informing planning and how to best deliver further teaching
  • focus on ensuring the learning of the National Curriculum statements through children’s responses within lessons and the outcomes of the unit
  • provide quality responses (verbally and written, if required) to children, ensuring all knowledge is firmly embedded
  • identify children who require additional support and those who excel in the knowledge, skills and understanding required of a designer (through identifying these children it is assumed that all others – the vast majority – have achieved the objectives at the level expected of their year group)