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Locking Primary School Physical Education Rationale

The Physical education Curriculum

Our Vision

At Locking Primary School, we endeavour to create an inclusive culture where all children enjoy and take part in weekly physical activity. We encourage all children to participate in a range of skills and to strive to reach their full potential. We provide a broad and balanced curriculum and believe all children should have the opportunity to experience a variety of sporting activities.

The Physical education curriculum at Locking Primary School will:

  • build upon prior experiences so that children can regularly revisit, refine and develop their skills
  • provide opportunities for children to experience a range of physical activities, including; dance, athletics,
  • games, gymnastics, swimming and outdoor learning
  • deliver a high-quality programme that is suited to each individual in the school
  • Every child is valued and supported at our school, regardless of any special need or ability. Having a differentiated approach during activities allows children to aim to be the best they can be
  • expose all children to various opportunities: after school and lunchtime clubs, PE events, PE sessions with
  • sports coaches, meeting inspirational athletes, attending swimming sessions, and participation in non-traditional sports (e.g. Boccia, Curling) and SEND inclusive events

Physical education teaching at Locking Primary School will:

  • have a differentiated approach during activities, allowing all children to access sessions and aim to be the best they can be
  • promote good sportsmanship and positive attitudes towards PE and grow life-long healthy habits
  • provide opportunities for children to work collaboratively and independently, lead and take direction
  • stretch and challenge children whilst also allowing them to take responsibility for setting the level of their challenge
  • ensure children have a regard for their own safety and the safety of others

Assessment of Physical education at Locking Primary School will:

  • be formative, informing planning and how to best deliver further teaching
  • focus on ensuring the learning of the National Curriculum statements and that all children are reaching their
  • full potential through teacher’s observations during sessions
  • draw on planning to understand the progress that has been made by children
  • identify children who require additional support and those who excel in the knowledge, skills and
  • understanding required in PE (through identifying these children it is assumed that all others – the vast majority – have achieved the objectives at the level expected of their year group)