Viking WOW Day

5th October 2017
Year 6 Viking WOW Day!
This week saw the invasion of Vikings onto the playground. WOW days are a fantastic way of capturing the children's imaginations and this week was no different. 
The year 6's dressed up for the day and their costumes looked fantastic. You could tell how much time had gone into making them all definitely look the part. It wasn't just the children though as the teachers all got involved with the dressing up and even Mr Thorne did too!!
The day was full of activities thanks to "Portals to the Past". These are an outside company who are expects at what they do. 
The children had a fantastic day. The explored the different artifacts, reenacted dramatic battles scenes with the shields they made in class, were told the story of Thor and his hammer, played real Viking board games and learnt loads of information for a quiz. 
What a day!