PEGI Ratings

It is really important for both parents and children to know what age group rating a game has. Games are awarded these ratings depending on how suitable they are for different aged children. They are there to protect children from content that they are not yet ready to be exposed to. 
 Here are some advantages to playing online games but as a school we stress the importance of playing age appropriate games. 
  • Games foster creativity and interaction and can play an important role in social and intellectual development.
  • Games can help to introduce newcomers to technology and foster interest in ICT (Information Communication Technology).
  • Because games require children to obey rules and follow directions, they can increase their capacity for self-discipline and autonomy.
  • Puzzles, board games, adventures and quests offer opportunities for players to develop strategic thinking and problem-solving skills.
If you are ever unsure about the appropriateness of a game or social media site your child might be using then please use this site to get some advice from other parents and e-saftey professionals.