Opening of the Woody Book Barn!

29th November 2017
The Woody Book Barn!

Locking Primary School are proud to have a new area on our school grounds which is dedicated to reading. Our new Woody Book Barn was named by our competition winner Holly. 

The Woody Book Barn is a fantastic addition to our school site. It is going to be full of fantastic books to engage the children, cosy bean bags making it an enjoyable place to go and read along with it being a place for all children at Locking Primary School to go so they can escape to a wonderful world within the books.

We are grateful to have an extremely supportive FOLs team at Locking Primary School. As a result of some fantastic fundraising and support of parents at these events we have been able to go ahead with the Woody Book Barn. 

Congratulations again to Holly for winning our naming competition. Her entry was chosen by a librarian from Weston Super Mare who came to visit us for the morning. There were some fantastic entries.