November 2018

Welcome back to a very busy term 2, I hope you all had a restful half term break.

As part of the 100 year celebrations Locking School will be participating in a number of events. Next weekend please look out for a trail of Poppies, decorated by pupils highlighting key features of our interesting village. The trail will also include three “Seen but not forgotten” silhouettes. Many thanks to the Royal British legion who supplied these silhouettes as part of the remembrance celebrations.  

Our first silhouette will be placed in the school garden, remembering the wonderful Mr Richard Brough, our school gardener / classroom helper, who served for many years in the Royal Air Force. Mr Brough sadly died earlier this year but is still very much in our thoughts.

Did you know that one of the biggest impacts on children achieving well at school is the support that they receive at home – unsurprising. Reading for just 10 minutes per day with your child will mean that they are well equipped to access learning across the curriculum. Here are our top 5 tips for reading at home:

1)    Turn off mobile devices and find a quiet comfortable place to sit.

2)    Listen without distractions supporting any sounding out, blending needed.

3)    Explain, discuss and put into context new words expanding vocabulary.

4)    Talk about the story / facts and ask challenging questions, sometimes inferential.

5)    Praise all of their efforts.

Finally, don’t forget to write in their reading log. Pupils who read 5 times a week at home are entered into a weekly reading raffle, where a new book is presented during celebration assembly.