Our E-Safety Events

E-Safety Day - October 2016
We had a fantastic turn out of parents attending our e-safety day again in October. This open afternoon was filled with lots of information and guests to help support parents keep their children safe online. 
o2 Guru's came and helped parents set up their child safety locks on the phones and tablets that their children are exposed to. They were rushed off their feet and are now going to be pro-active in finding other schools to do a similar activity because it was so successful. 
P.E.G.I ratings came and were on hand to talk to parents about the importance of game ratings. Not only now should you be keeping an eye out for the age ratings but also the symbols which show if the games have violent content etc...
ESchools made base in the ICT Suite and were on hand so that parents were able to ask questions about eschools. They were able to change their passwords, book in their parents evening slots and also have a look on their children's class page and see what they've been up to! 
It was great to open up the classrooms and parents were invited into their children's classrooms so that they could taken part in e-safety activities together. 
We also provided all children in KS1 with the fictional book 'Digi-Duck' which tells the story of Digi-Duck about to make a bad online decision but he is taken on a journey by the wise owl who shows him what the consequences of his actions would have been. A great book with conversation starters in the back for parents to use at home. 
KS2 were each given a board game to play at home. The game consisted of game cards which were both positive and negative. Depending on which card they got and how they answered the questions determined where they end up on the board. The question cards are great starters for discussions parents could have with their children at home and allow them to get a real insight into what their child's views of e-saftey really is. 
A very successful afternoon I hope you would agree. 
Bring your tablet to school day! 
During E-safety week in 2015 we held an extremely successful e-safety awareness afternoon where parents were invited in to sit with their child and explore their child's tablet together. We had nearly 200 parents attend!!!! Parents were able to see what apps the children have access to and we provided parents with information about how to change the privacy/internet and access settings to keep their child safe. We also gave 1:1 advice and support to parents as well as them giving it to each other. 
I found that parents talking to each other was if any thing the best thing they got out of the event. 
We hope to repeat this event annually when appropriate. 
E-Safety Parents Evening:
Locking Primary school annually host an e-saftey evening for parents to attend. This was an opportunity for parents to here what we have in place in school to protect their children as well as give advice for parents regarding e-safety. 
Miss Reeve (ICT & E-Safety Co-ordinator) led a talk on the curriculum covered in the school and the new changes made to it in recent years. This included a break down of the new vocabulary, our approaches and what technology we now have in school to allow the children to access the new and exciting programme of study. 
Val Hurley (North Somerset E-saftey Support Officer) led a presentation on the importance of e-safety. This included interactive games to show how vulnerable some passwords could be, videos which can be found on our social media page highlighting the importance of keeping personal information safe as well as useful hand outs to browse over at a later date.