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School Clubs

Lunch clubs in school for children

Tag Rugby with Mr Boyle


Girls Football with Mrs Carratt


Boys Football with Mrs Carratt


Play Leader Clubs include:


Archery Club

Basketball Club

Computer Club

Breakfast and After School Club

At Locking out of school clubs we aim to work on a ‘child centered’ basis, ensuring that the welfare and best interests of the child are at the core of all our aims and practices. We aim to be an inclusive club allowing opportunities for all children.


We set up activities that cover all aspects of the child’s development. However, we do encourage independence and the children are aware that any activity or equipment that the club has is available to all.

Everything we do within the club is underpinned by the recognition of the vital concept of the ‘Learning, Working and Playing Together’, especially after they have spent a long day working hard at School! Therefore, children are never forced to do things like homework, although we do provide time and support if they wish to do so.

We ensure that the level of staff interaction is appropriate for each child, taking into consideration their age, ability and developmental stage. The children have plenty of time to play independently of an adult, initiating their own activities. All staff work under the knowledge that every child is individual and they will be treated as such.


Attendance and Fees


Fees for attendance to each session 3.15pm-5:00pm is £3.50 per child. And 3.15pm – 5.45pm is £5.50 per child. Breakfast Club sessions are charged at £3.50 (7.30am – 9:00am). No refund will be given if full session not attended.


All children must be registered before attending clubs. This form will be sent out on ParentPay and printed copies are available outside the office. Payment must be in advance, this can be termly, monthly, weekly or daily.  We encourage payments through Parent Pay for ease for you and our staff. Children will only be accepted if there is no debt on the account.

*Parents whose child/children who are in receipt of Pupil Premium are exempt from charges for breakfast club. They will pay the cost listed above for after school club.


There will be a penalty charge of £3.00 for every 15 minutes for late collection.


We only accept payment through pre-booking on ParentPay.


If the regular parent/carer is unable to collect their child from the session, the Club Leader must be informed, either directly or via the club mobile phone, of who will be collecting them and that person MUST use a password. You must give your child a memorable password that they can tell us to confirm the permissible adult is picking them up.


We ask all parents/carers to sign for the collection of their child.


No child will be allowed to leave the premises with an unknown person.


Since children are coming to club from school it is unlikely that they will be ill on arrival as the school should have taken steps to avoid the spread of infectious illnesses.

If a child does become ill during a club session the club leader will contact their parent/carer/emergency contact and ask them to collect their child immediately. In the event that no-one is available to collect the child the club worker should stay with the child and an emergency member of staff should be found to ensure ratios are maintained. The playworker will continue to attempt to contact the child’s parent/carer.

Children who have suffered from a tummy upset/sickness need to be excluded from club for 48 hours from the time that they were last sick.


Daily Routines

Breakfast Club

  • 7.30am children arrive and are signed in and registered.
  • Children put coats and bags in designated place
  • Children wash their hands for breakfast
  • Children have breakfast in the hall
  • Children having breakfast are offered a choice of cereals, toast or fruit. There is milk and water to drink.
  • When the children have finished they begin chosen activity
  • Breakfast is served until 8.15am
  • 8.45am the children are encouraged to tidy up.
  • 8.50/ 8.55am Children are escorted to their classrooms.
  • 8.45am Breakfast room/Hall is tidied up.

After School Club

  • Collect children from YR, Y1 & Y2
  • Children from KS2 make their own way to club
  • Children must make sure that they place their coats and bags tidily in the area provided
  • All children to wash their hands before circle time.
  • Children will be selected to help set up/make snacks
  • Children help themselves to fruit from the bowl while waiting.
  • When all children are seated at the table the register is taken.
  • Children are allowed squash or water. They also have a choice of snacks.
  • Circle time – all children are asked about their day and given an opportunity to air any problems or concerns they may have.
  • ALL children must help with tidying up the food tech room and clearing away the food and equipment
  • Children are involved in the decision about which activities will be done that afternoon, with a vote being taken if necessary.
  • At approximately 3.45pm the activity begins, this can be using a sporting event with the sport leader, a quiet activity independently, a group activity arrange with Play Worker, homework support with Club Leader.
  • Staff will set up a designated area for activities and for quiet time or book corner.


In the event of an emergency and your child needs to attend after school club, please ring the club mobile phone and leave a message stating your child’s name and class clearly. Ensure you bring payment with you on collection. Mobile number 07825228676