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Reception September 2020

Foundation 2020 1st weeks

Stay and play at

Locking School

You are invited to visit our Rainbow Garden for a special play on Wednesday 15th July 2.30-3.30pm with some of our reception staff.

In order to stay safe we need to follow some guidelines:

Only one adult to attend with each child

Please go to the toilet before your visit

Queue at a social distance at the Meadow Drive entrance to be admitted to school site

All visitors to site will need to sanitise their hands on entry and exit to the school


Children visiting will be split into group A (September – February birthdays) and group B (March – August birthdays). Each group will be directed to stay in one half of the garden with their child. This is to reduce the amount of contact between adults and children and help adults maintain a social distance. We are not expecting children to keep a social distance from their peers in their half of the garden. There will be hand gel around the garden that can be used to sanitise hands. During this session you will be able to book a parent consultation appointment for September.


We will have washed toys/equipment that children will play with before and after the children’s visit.

We are looking forward to meeting you all.


Your teachers are:

Mrs Stone - she is always kind!

Mrs Lewis - she is always smiling!

Mrs Jenkins - she just loves reading stories!

Miss Cook - she just loves to dance!

Mrs Carter - she just loves to run!


Welcome to Locking

A video of Locking School.

Don't Stop Moving - Wake and Shake

Wake and Shake helps us get ready for our day!

Click the link below to listen to a bedtime story read by your teachers

Sing along and exercise with Mrs Carter!

Meet Miss Cook! She is dancing!