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At Locking School we aim for the following for our pupils:


  • To read for pleasure, taking enjoyment from a variety of texts
  • To use reading as a facilitator that allows them to access all areas of the curriculum
  • To become independent, fluent readers who can read accurately with expression
  • To understand what is read and use this to inform their thinking & opinions
  • To use a wide variety of reading strategies (phonics, pictorial, contextual etc)
  • To become reading role models as they move through the school

The teaching of reading comprises many elements:


  • At Foundation Stage and Key Stage One, important emphasis is placed on phonics teaching through daily, discrete sessions.
  • At Key Stage Two, the focus shifts towards developing more advanced reading skills through analysis of texts and using their base of comprehension from previous experience.
  • Individual, group and whole class reading related activities take place throughout the different year groups.
  • Teachers look to incorporate reading in a cross curricular, making links wherever possible.
  • Each class has a class reader, mostly related to the Author of the Term currently being studied.
  • There are designated book and reading areas in every classroom along with accessible shared fiction and non-fiction libraries.
  • Reading interventions take place in all year groups based on regular review by the teaching staff.

Please take a look at the links below:


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