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Locking Primary School History Rationale

The History Curriculum

Our Vision

Our vision at Locking, through the teaching of history is to create knowledgeable, curious and confident children who have the enthusiasm to share their interests in the people, places and times of our world, to equip children with skills for life long learning and develop an understanding of ‘humankind’ and their place within it.

The History curriculum at Locking Primary School will:

  • embed powerful knowledge via tailored schemes of work
  • have an emphasis on enquiry-based lessons
  • incorporate progressively sequenced lessons that promote knowledge, skills and concepts, including high quality elements of English and Maths
  • have its roots in understanding our locality
  • use local resources and the expertise of visitors and staff
  • create chronological threads throughout their education.

History teaching at Locking Primary School will:

  • Be taught as 3 units per year spread over 6 terms
  • revisit prior knowledge and understanding, whilst making links explicit
  • be creative, engaging and practical where possible. 
  • Where possible, begin with enquiry questions, which will develop conceptual understanding and deeper knowledge and learning
  • include suitable out of classroom experiences and visitors to enrich and embed the learning

Assessment of History at Locking Primary School will:

  • be formative, informing planning and how to best deliver further teaching
  • focus on ensuring the learning of the National Curriculum statements through children’s responses within lessons and the outcomes of the unit
  • provide quality responses (verbally and written, if required) to children, ensuring all knowledge is firmly embedded
  • draw on planning and knowledge organisers to understand the progress that has been made by children