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Online Safety

Online Safety is a vital part of learning in school.


Did you know that by the end of KS2 93% of children go online for around 13 and a half hours a week and nearly 74% play games online for 10 hours+ a week.  Therefore, it is extremely important to equip children with the skills needed to keep safe and happy when using technology. This is particularly important due to the recent circumstances surrounding COVID and the increased use of technology in every day life.


Operating within an online space is something most of us simply do subconsciously, but have you ever stopped to consider the potential dangers which exist on the web, especially for our children? With thousands of apps available at the touch of a button is it hard to ensure you have a good understanding of them all. But as a parent, here are some helpful tips for you to support your child with staying safe online.


  • Create opportunities to talk openly about your child’s online activity. Who do they talk to? What apps do they use? What would they do if something was troubling them online who could they talk to?

  • Remind your child to stay kind online. It is easy to become a ‘keyboard warrior’ if you would not say it to someone’s face do not say it online.  If someone is being mean to your child online inform the school so they can also support your child.

  • Set boundaries for when it is appropriate to be online. Ensure that the child is having regular breaks and their wellbeing is not being affected by playing/talking online for long periods of time.

  • Use some of the resources listed below to help guide you on any issues that may arise.


Mr Ben Langford

Online Safety Lead


We've added some helpful guides below to some popular online games and apps as well as some general advice which should apply to all of us when going online.