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Curriculum Overview

Curriculum Intent 


At Locking Primary School, our curriculum is aimed at preparing our children for the next stage in education in order to reach their full potential. Our curriculum offer builds upon the knowledge and skills of the previous enquiry unit in order to create strong foundations of knowledge. We have considered the links across the subject areas and the local context of living in the South West of England. It is our aim that children have a strong sense of their place both within the local community and as global citizens to subsequently prepare them for their place in society. As children progress through school the curriculum is enhanced with field trips, performances, artefacts, sporting events and projects. Enhancements are about broadening children’s life experiences and opportunities.


Return to School Update September 2020


It has been a pleasure to welcome all children back to school and feel the buzz around the site again.

As you can imagine we are not able to return straight to ‘normal’ school following this long period off from school. Across ELAN we have completed a lot of research around the best way to return to school ensure pupil well-being and getting children back on track. Our curriculum for 2020/2021 will be a unique one year offer that will have three stages.

  1. Resilience and independence – Return curriculum with a focus on well-being

  • Re-establishing routines

  • Re-establishing communities and a sense of belonging

  • Promoting the skills for independence

  • Enabling children to develop resilience (ability to persevere with a task)

  1. Up to speed curriculum – catching up on the time we have lost until Easter

  • Additional phonics/spelling sessions

  • Handwriting practise

  • Additional content in the maths to recap aspects missed from the previous year

  • Covering the key concepts and knowledge from across the curriculum

  1. Catch up curriculum – Additional sessions for targeted pupils based on return to school assessments these might include

  • Phonics sessions

  • Reading comprehension

  • Number facts

  • Book club

  • Times table Rock Stars clubs

  • Letter formation

At the end of Term 4 we are planning for children to be back on track and we can returned to Locking’s planned curriculum offer.




During the Autumn Term 2020, we will be developing and updating our Art and Design, Design and Technology and PE curriculum, in partnership with other schools in our Trust. We anticipate launching these new schemes during the Spring Terms of 2021.

Please see below the overview of themes we will be covering from Year 1 to Year 6 in our Year by Year overview section