Sports Premium Expenditure 2015-16
As a result of the Olympics 2012, schools have been allocated Sports Premium to improve the provision and facilities of P.E.
Locking School received £9430 for the academic year 2015-2016.
How this has been spent:
NSC Membership - £900
Equipment for P.E. lessons - £ 1692.99
P.E. Scheme of Work - £1995.00
Lunchtime Sports Coaching - £4320.00
KS1 Gymnastics Program  -  £195.00
M.U.G.A - £313.63
Total Spent as of March 2016 = £9416.62

PE Premium Funding Academic Year 2015-2016 Proposal Locking Primary School


Report to Parents: March 2016


At Locking Primary School, we believe in the importance of encouraging pupils to lead a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. Pupils should understand about sportsmanship and have opportunities to take part in competitive sport competitions with other schools. This academic year we have been allocated a sufficient amount of money in our budget to support our Physical Education provision. This funding has been awarded to all schools across the country and is received in two amounts. Between September and March the school will receive 7/12 of the total amount and the remainder is released in April. We are required to publish online information about how we are using this funding. In deciding the nature of support, we consider the positive impact it will have on our staff and pupils.

Please check out our Sainsbury's School Sports Blog which is full of all of the activities we have been up to and write ups from the children about the events!