International Day, Hunger March - October 2016

13th October 2016

Locking School International Learning


The school has recently been reaccredited with the British Council International Award. This means that we have maintained certain standards in learning set out by the British Council. Children at the school follow an international curriculum with themes like: Identity and belonging, fairness and equality and sustainable living.


Recently we have broadened the learning to the local community including the uniformed groups and preschool. We are also very keen to invite visitors from various international groups to enliven the children’s experiences.


Part of our international work includes a link with Mahanaga College in Sri Lanka. This link we have maintained for ten years. There have been many visits between the two schools which have helped the international projects, chosen and designed by the teachers. This has led to our children to learning more about languages, deeper thinking in maths and sustainable behaviour toward our planet.  


Just recently our school took part in a parade highlighting the problems of hunger around the world. This idea was borrowed from our link school who had done a similar parade with posters made about protecting the planets. At the moment teachers are in training on British Council Courses which once completed, will mean that we can continue to apply for further funding to continue the link projects and visits set by the British Council.