January 2017

26th January 2017
Key Stage 1 Science WOW Day! 
This term, Key Stage One hosted a Science WOW Day with the aim of hooking the children into their next topic of Science. This was definitely achieved! 
Years 1 and 2 all took part and rotated around the 4 classrooms, completing an activity in each room based around the Biology topics of animals, the body and habitats. 
The children loved being practical and enjoyed the investigation element of the day. The four activities were:
  • Animal adaptations - learning about how an animal survives in a particular habitat. The children even created their own animals and explained why they were able to survive because of their adaptations. 
  • The body - in this session the children thought about their organs and what jobs each organ did. They spoke about heart rate and what effect exercise has on the body. They even took part in the "wake & shake" video that is going on across the school so they could see the effects there and then. 
  • Classification - animals can be classified into so many groups. The children used plastic animals to physical sort the animals into groups such as, carnivore, omnivore and herbivore, producer, prey and predator or both and which habitats they would live in. 
  • Woodlice habitats - children learnt about what a woodlouse needs in its habitat and what a habitat was. They were then able to go "out into the field" as Scientist and see if they would find any woodlice around the school. The children knew exactly where to look because they had understood habitats so well. 
It was a great day with lots of great photos to prove it! Keep your eyes out as I'm sure there will be another Science WOW Day soon! 
Woodlouse habitats! 
Animal classification!