Easter Parade

7th April 2017
Locking Primary School Easter Parade
The weather was fantastic, the bonnets were bright and extravagant and the singing was great!
This year's Easter Parade was brilliant. The children once again made some very unique bonnets and masks making it extremely hard for the judges again. Nobody envy's that job!!! 
At 1.30pm all 380 children left the school grounds and paraded around the village and over to the park. It is a great sight to see as the classes team up with their link class and the older children really step up to the job of being role models and everybody has a great time. 
After we arrive back at school it took a little while to give out our prizes for best bonnets, raffle prizes (only 50+!!!) and sing our favourite Easter songs! 
Thank you to the huge number of parents that came to enjoy the day with us. We look forward to seeing you all next year. Get thinking about your bonnet designs!