Our School

We are proud of everything we do to develop our pupils into happy, healthy children who have the skills and knowledge needed to be successful. Our  caring, family ethos, our Global Links with Sri Lanka and our outside environment makes us a special place to be:
  • we have extensive grounds for outside learning
  • we have a pond and wildlife area with a covered area so we work here in all weathers
  • we have a Forest Schools area where pupils can use the outside environment to learn skills, build self-esteem and confidence which helps them in the classroom environment
  • we have covered areas for Foundation Stage with astro turf so we can use it all year round
  • we have covered areas for Year 1 so they can use this area for learning all year round
  • we have a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) for football
  • we have a large playground which is used for sporting events and competitions
  • we have a gardening area and gardening club which has won Weston in Bloom 3 years running
  • we visit Sri Lanka once a year and their teachers visit us so we can develop our global goals together and learn from different education systems
  • we have Eco monitors in school who are devoted to reducing, recycling and re-using.

Aims and Values

Our school community aims to provide the best education possible by providing an exciting and broad curriculum in a caring, happy and supportive environment.  Locking Primary School aims to promote high achievement and learning for life by working with pupils so:


Each child has the right to learn without disruption, to feel secure and happy and:


  • Develop a respect for themselves and others within a safe and secure environment.
  • Understand how to keep themselves safe in different situations.
  • Have a robust policy on behaviour and bullying which is available for all to see.
  • Ensure site security is a school priority
  • Maintain the building and equipment to a high and robust standard
  • Inform children about safety, including e-safety, the local police and fire service.
  • Develop and grow in self-esteem in order to become resilient learners
  • Develop an understanding of healthy lifestyles and nutrition.


We believe that all pupils deserve to experience and recognise success in their learning and:

  • Achieve high standards of learning in all areas of school life
  • Develop a willing and positive attitude towards learning and behaviour
  • Experience equal opportunities and access to the National Curriculum and Early Learning Goals
  • Have access to a Personalised Learning Programme where different learning styles are catered for which may include sports, music and other extended opportunities.
  • Reward children for achievement
  • Set individual targets for improvement with pupils and ensure pupils know what to do to improve


We believe that children have the right to understand and influence their communities and:

  • Develop a growing understanding and respect for differing cultural, religious, social and moral differences
  • Develop consistent high expectations of all with the school community
  • Give children the responsibility for their school environment
  • Have visits from close links with local organisations, businesses and agencies
  • Encourage an awareness of local, national and international communities; sustaining link with Sri Lanka.
  • Allow children to have a say in important matters through school council


Each child should be economically aware and:

  • Understand how to make informed choices and act upon them


We believe that children benefit when the school and parents/carers work closely together and:

  • Welcome parent helpers in school, subject to compulsory police checks
  • Give children a reading log book for parents to sign regularly (KS1)
  • Will communicate regularly through eschools VLE and website including newsletters and guides to learning to keep parents/families informed of school activities
  • Run workshops for parents on different aspects of learning and looking after children
  • Home school agreement signed  and agreed by home and school


We believe each pupil will succeed by experiencing equality of opportunity and quality in:

  • Innovative, quality teaching provided by highly motivated, caring and committed staff
  • A broad balanced and challenging curriculum, which is differentiated to meet pupils needs
  • Opportunities to develop investigative and problem solving skills
  • A rich, varied and up to date range of learning resources
  • An ethos of support, challenge and encouragement which rewards pupils when they succeed
  • Learning partnerships between school, home and the community.


Such experience will enable our pupils to work and think independently and also be part of and contribute towards group and teamwork.  Life Long Learning is a skill we wish to promote and build upon.